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Dr. Toy: The Right Stuff for Baby

New babies need stimulation, entertainment and safety. Parents are the baby's First Big Toy. Talk, laugh, sing, play games and have lots of fun together. Add some special items to your babys experiences when he or she is ready. Select those products carefully.

The mobile with bright colors will help baby focus. The rattle will get their attention. The rubber ducky will ease babys bath time. Check out the wonderful soft, washable stuffed animals. Add a music box, tapes and a tape recorder when you want baby to relax and fall asleep.

As babies get older and more coordinated, they're ready for toys that offer interaction. A mirror is fun. Cloth blocks will be eagerly gripped. A crib gym builds small muscles. A Flutter Ball or Chimeball will amuse. When up and walking push- and-pull toys will be happily used. Shape-sorting boxes teach focus skills. Look for quality products such as those by Fisher Price, Playskool and Brio. Check out Cultural Toys.

Examine the product box for its tested, recommended age range. Be sure your baby is ready for the product. You can find more about best new toys for babies by frequently reviewing Dr. Toys Guide.

Watch as the baby reaches. Always make sure there are no dangerous small pieces, loose ties or ribbons. Dont let an older child give baby a small object. Keep the space around your baby safe at all times.

The right toys at the right time will help your baby grow happy and healthy.

Lets play!

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