Everyone has heard of this innovative virtual reality pet. This is an electronic pet on a necklace or key ring and is a toy that grows on you. A small animated chick hatches from a little egg. You have to take care of your virtual pet as it is required that you feed it, turn off the lights when it falls asleep, play with it and take care of it if it gets sick. You must pay attention to be sure to flush after it goes to the bathroom, check its health, discipline it when it's not eating, and make sure it gets attention. Or, if you don't, it disappears. So if your child is curious about taking care of the pet and would like to have one, this would be a great beginning. If they take care of Tamagotchi, they may be able to take care of a real pet. The opportunity with this type of toy is to use it as a learning device. It can be a fun way to introduce learning about responsibility to children.



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