Welcome to the award winning products selected by the nationally recognized child psychologist/child development/childrens products expert, Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D., known as Dr. Toy.

Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products for 1995 !

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Scotch Just for Kids Tape
Video tape (2-12) $3.99
Finally a video tape designed for kids to use on the VCR. A tape that can be used for over 250 playbacks is a great value at this price. Best of all the tapes will be clearly marked and not mixed in with others. The sleeve can be customized by using crayons or markers and stickers included in the box. Lights, camera, action!


Water Wonders
Activity kit with materials(7-12) $20
Ten experiments are included on cards to demonstrate the science and art of water with paints, clay, Origami paper, and more,contained in a blue storage box. Learn about bubbles,surface tension,air pressure while following guided discoveries. Perfect to provide lots of important experiences and better understanding of science.


Sesame Street Sleeve and Body Puppets
Puppet (1-5)$15
Sesame Street broadcasts to 70 different countries and in every country children love puppets. These lovable show friends will provide hours of fun to make the show and its characters come to life. They slip over the arm or hand and will enrich the child's experience of Bert, Ernie, Oscar, and all the rest, ranging in size from 10"-18"(Big Bird, of course).


Tic Tac Twice
Board game (7-12) $12
Children learn through games and luckily this unique game will help them better understand math concepts, logic and critical thinking. A twist with colors, shapes, pattern recognition and strategies will get your child focused on high level thinking and sharpen up their math abilities.One of many great games by a company offering fun and learning.

Big Top Productions

1-800-900-PLAY (7529)
Keroppi Day Hopper
CD Rom. Software(7-12) $54.95
Perfect product to bring out creative abilities, with journal writing, to encourage the child's self-expression. Organizational skills assisted with calendar and address book Sound effects on words,extensive vocabulary, idea balloons filled with questions and decorative stickers for the calendar are great features.


I Spy Memory Game
Board game(4-12)$19.95
High quality graphics on 60 memory cards with 15 riddle cards makes this an enjoyable game to play. Begin with searching for cards that match objects and move on to matching riddles. This is a game for the whole family to discover and enjoy together.


1-800-558- 6863
Mini Greenhouse
Seed Starter Set (4-8) $20
More than a toy this product can help child discover the wonders of starting seeds and watching them grow.Complete with pots, garden book and markers to identify and keep the lid open. A perfect gift for the young naturalist.You may want to get a mini-greenhouse for yourself and begin an herb garden.

Tip:Expand the childs interest with additional garden tools and a spot to place the seeds. Create a garden in your yard, in a barrel, or in clay pots so that the child can watch the whole process from planting seeds to nurturing them to grow. Let this greenhouse be a first step in a lifetime of experiences in nature.


1-800-YO-CASIO (962-2746)
My Super Magic Diary
Educational product(8-12) $79.95
This unit is amazing. Kids can send messages to each other up to 30 ft.and unit responds to 12 different commands by wave of the hand. 100 entries can be made of names, all pertinent information, plus personalized features can be added. Included also are scheduling and a diary. Plus it is multilingual, and a secret password protects the contents. What more can you want in technology?

Children's Out of School Time

Activity Club Kits
Individual activity kits (6-12) $15.95
A practical, educational series of kits that can help to launch interests and even long time hobbies. The themes of masks, birds, photography and clock provide children with opportunities to practice skills with their own hands.Great for after homework and to offset too much technological overload. Important for children to develop skills with their hands and learn to make things for themselves.

Children's Circle

1-800-KIDS-VID (543-7843)
The William Steig Library
Video Tape(3-12)$14.95
A collection of the stories and animated illustrations of the well-known New Yorker cartoonist and children's author/illustrator, William Steig, honored by the Newberry and Caldecott awards.This 52 minute video based on four books will delight the whole family.The stories tell of magic, courage, determination and more. Two are narrated by actor John Lithgow, plus a 7 minute interview with the author.

Clayton Productions

I Want to be a Ballerina
Video (3-11) $14.95
Enter the magical world of toe shoes, costumes, rehearsals and dancing with a 30 minute video to inspire. Learn the basics of ballet as the production of the Nutcracker ballet unfolds.Teachers and students share their experiences for aspiring ballerinas.

Tip: Take your child to a ballet or watch one on educational TV. Add to your child's interest in dance by attending a local ballet dance class and make the experiences on video come to life.


1-800-831- 6929
Little Bits o' Paints
Creative expression (3-8) $2.69
Perfect addition for child's artistic imagination this practical set of bright, non-toxic, colors gives the right amount of paint plus simple coloring experiences with each instructional card. Easy to apply and clean. Colors are sharp and true.


Color 'N' Play
Creative toy (3-5) $4.99
Wonderful value. A travel box filled with crayons, sharpener, ruler with basic shapes to use, stencil and 8 color and play alphabet cards. A perfect carry-on for the little traveler. Nice any day activity. Child can color and learn the alphabet at the same time. One of many great activity sets from this creative company.

Tip: Children learn by using all of the senses. The products that teach with electronics provide fun, stimulation and transmit information. A great way to reinforce the use of electronic aids is by having a direct art, reading and learning experience. Through the direct experiences of reading, drawing, tracing and finding letters children practice and reinforce concepts and information becomes real.

Computer Curriculum Corp

Total Amazon
CD Rom (8-12) $39.95
An exciting addition to learning is this CD that allows the child to come in direct contact with exotic locations and animals and learn about the changing environment. Produced with Simon & Schuster Interactive the Total Amazon visits habitats and helps the viewer see with videos, sounds, activities. Visit the rain forest, the people and learn about issues they are coping with. Included are two tickets for zoos across the country and the Macmillan Dictionary for Children. A great value for home and schools.


Radio Addition
CD ROM,Software. (3-8) $34
Interactive developmental levels help children progress in their understanding of math from simple to more complex.With music, games and animation child will learn to add, regroup and solve a sequence of problems that will challenge their ability to think. A fun, practical way to learn basics.


Les Calins Malins
Doll (3-8) $77
A high quality, huggable, movable baby doll in five styles including African American created by the award winning French designer, Catherine Refabert. This wonderfully designed baby doll offers hours of play and will receive much affection.

Creative Teaching Press

Learn to Read
Math series books (4-8) $12.95
Parents can help their child learn math by obtaining these books that help to make learning the basics easier. This is an excellent approach to promote skill building and is part of a large and valuable resource of books available for children.

Crescent Cardboard Products

Sand Expressions
Creative product (5-12) $14.99
Discover the fun and potential of wonderful sand art. The child can make the map of the US with colors, shapes, and have the satisfaction of making something useful with one's own hands of lasting value. Child's work can be framed and hung up.

Tip: Take a walk on the beach with your child and explore the sand.Take along a bag and fill it up with trash left by others who don't appreciate the beauty and gift of nature. You may find a few nice shells to remind you of the power of the sea.

Cultural Toys

Soft Baby Blocks
Educational skills(3mos-24mos)$7.99
These multicultural, soft, musical blocks will be a welcome addition to your baby's playtime. They offer durability, but are soft and squeezable to the touch. Non toxic and safe they provide a lot of learning with letters, numbers, shapes, faces, animals and African inspired fabric design and much more. Part of a great new line of culturally sensitive products to build self-esteem, cultural exchange and developmental skills.

Curiosity Kits

My Medieval Fairy Tale Adventure
Creative, educational product(4-8) $15.00
Wonderful combination of story and coloring book to set the time and introduce the products that are created by the child. The items include a sachet pouch that is glued together and then decorated and filled with potpourri, an amulet necklace, a pointed hat, a flag and a musical wind wand of ribbons. Everything that is needed is contained inside the colorful storage box. Many adventures await girls and boys provided by this innovative company.


Puzzle Truck
Educational skills toy(2-8) $35.50
Part of a great line of wooden products produced in Germany, offers this clever truck , sure to be a big favorite. A puzzle of primary color pieces fit into an open bed red truck with bright yellow hood, bright white and red wheels. The pieces will help to teach shapes, sizes and sorting. This is one of the best transportation toys around and will greatly please the young driver.

Didax Educational Resources

Ready for Math Kit
Educational skills product (4-8) $19.95
Help child really understand numbers with these 100 interlocking counting cubes and clever activity book. Work with your child to discover the "Trip Around Town" approach to learn counting, comparing, order, classifying and all the basics.

Tip: Blocks can be used for homework, keep track of chores, and much more. You will discover many ways these little blocks can help your child learn the value of math.

Discovery Channel Multimedia

Ocean Planet Smithsonian
CD Rom (10-12) $49.95
This unique CD Rom explores and helps unlock the mysteries of the vast ocean. Through interactive information and stunning visuals your young sea diver will find videos, presentations and answers about marine life, geography, navigation, issues, weather and much more.

Tip: Plan to visit the ocean, the maritime museum, the Aquarium to give your child some first hand follow up to ocean exploration. Perhaps the CD ROM will inspire them to do some related art work, create an aquarium, or just read more about the ocean. Also let's put some attention to getting the ocean clean and keeping it free of debris.

Discovery Toys

Explorer Express
Educational skills plush toy (24-5) $29.98
A soft playset offering a lot of playtime with 10 different pieces including figures, traffic light, building, bridge, tunnel, wagon, train and a tree. The child can move the pieces easily and create their own activities developing language and motor skills. Colors are basic with varied fabric textures.

Tip: If any product is boxed within plastic, discard the plastic immediately once it is opened (preferably recycle it) and never allow the child to play with the plastic bag. Find another storage container to keep the item in including boxes, containers, baskets, or placed in a afbric bag or on a shelf. Children need to have their toys accessible but also stored safely


Picture building set(5-12) $12
The company long known for its distinctive, quality YoYo's, has just developed a new concept for lots of fun. Brightly colored interlocking hexagonal plastic pieces snap together. This picture building set can be snapped together to form pictures and then are broken down and reassembled. Bright primary colors provide the basic set of 300 and a way to form exact pictures.


Destination:Rain Forest
CD Rom,Software(6-12) $35
Perfect product from an outstanding company that focuses on enhancing learning and building skills. Enter the Rainforest to learn about it plus a world of language skills.Important facts and discoveries. Not easy to select one among this exciting series of Destinations: Castles and Neighborhoods, plus many more high quality educational products.

Educational Activities

The Dog Ate My Homework
Children have a lot to learn and making social skills part of their training is a very helpful part of their process. This tape will provide a fun way to practice respecting others, self-respect, saying please and thank you and other good manners. A big step in the right direction!

Educational Insights

Cosmic Observer Telescope
Educational skills( 8-12)$35
This telescope offers a 60mm glass lens that allows child to learn first hand about the earth and stars and many other features. High quality for daylight and night time viewing. Offers an attached planet guide, star charts and a 32 page activity guide. The telescope separates and can be placed on a photo tripod. Perfect for home or classroom.This company offers a rich assortment of great learning and activity products for all ages.

Educo International

Ring Around A Row-sy
Beads and play wires toy (2-8) $48
A lot of play time on a 10" wooden base with six wires full of colorful beads.Children enjoy themselves as they gain skills in counting, colors,spatial relationships and motor dexterity. A durable, practical product. This is a great play product and offers a lot of learning skills along with the fun of moving the beads.

Tip: Add to your child's experiences with these manual and finger dexterity skills by getting a pegboard and different color pegs. They can count, move pegs into designs and build more experiences and skills.


Beakman's Video Science Activity
Educational skills(8-12) $12.99
This series of science activities will assist your child in practicing and understanding basic science principles. Comes with a 22 minute video tape from the popular "Beakman's World" TV show, activity cards and all of the items needed for the experiments. The series includes electrical conductivity, refraction, microscopes and fossils.

Fanny's Playhouse

Doll's Disability Equipment
Assorted devices (3-8)$53
These devices can assist children to understand disabilities. Fits 14" doll with wheelchair, crutch, and leg brace. Helps preschoolers in learning through play by expanding awareness and sensitivity.This company offers great soft dolls and puppets in a fine line of products.

Tip: talk with your child about disabilities. Make sure they understand that they need to be aware that everyone has some disability(hearing, seeing,varied abilities,ie. we cannot all play classical piano, or hit home runs) and that when they see someone with a wheelchair, a crutch, or walking stick or dog, they should understand their need and respect how well they are handling their disability.

First Years

First Animal Game
Educational skills(18mos.-5)$9.99
A game that grows with the child. Two puzzle boards in the shape of a barn, eight animal pieces and a spinner that makes the sounds of the animals. Based on developmental skills the youngest child can learn the basics of games, taking turns and interacting with others.An excellent product part of a larger line of many quality items.

Tip: Play simple and fun games with your child so they experience lots of playtime and opportunities to laugh and learn.

Fisher Price

Electronic Discovery Desk
Educational skills( 9mos.-3) $54.99
The baby's first desk offers a lot of learning from the play telephone that rings, answering machine that sends friendly messages.There are over 40 responses that help the child to identify shapes, colors, animals, numbers, and nursery rhymes.The child can even mail a letter in the talking mail slot. Another great product..

Tip: Learn the basics about child development so that you anticipate the usual next stage and what your child will be ready for. Every child is unique and will develop at his or her own rate. Don't rush the baby, but observe and give the right product to assist at the right time. By observing what your child needs you will be better able to respond.For babies be sure products are easy to clean, durable, non-toxic, not too small and no loose ties.For more safety tips contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission (Washington, D.C. or your regional office) or the Toy Manufacturers of America (New York City)


Finger Puppets
Puppets (2-5)
This high quality product line offers some of the best plush creatures.These finger puppets are perfect for little fingers. Select from the bee, butterfly, chick, ladybug, rabbit, spider, turtle and even a worm in an apple. Children will delight in making up stories and dialogue to match the little creatures that will be actively played with.

Frank Schaffer Publications

My First Skills
Educational skills(3-7) $14.95
Great value with 4 fun filled learning experiences in one box including colors, shapes, alphabet and numbers. Each puzzle has 12 easy to hold pieces along with suggested activities and some useful books to enrich your child's experiences. This company has puzzles that are enjoyed at home and in schools.

Tip: Enjoy a variety of activities such as singing the alphabet, counting games, finding objects with the same color and finding the same objects and shapes in your house. Reinforce child's learning with games and other fun ways to make learning a natural part of their everyday experiences.

Gemini Kaleidoscopes

Birds Kaleidoscopes
Toy,Creative Product.(5-10) $7.50
Magical products that bring birds to light. Watch Hummingbirds and Cardinals fly through flowers and leaves. Children over many decades have delighted in the views as seen through the kaleidoscope. Use these for discussion, reading and learning more about birds as well as children's expression through art.

Great American Puzzle Factory

Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego?
Puzzle and game (4-8) $11.95
Based on the popular Broderbund software game this colorful, sturdy puzzle and guide book helps the child to learn the states plus match pictures and geography facts. Special disappearing ink adds to the mystery and fun to use. Good for communication skills. Board games stimulate conversation and that is important.

Hands On Toys

Toobers & Zots
Educational skills (3-7) $29.95
Bright colored foam tubes from 2 to 4 inches long are easily bendable , assorted shapes fit on the tubes like beads. Create to your hearts content and make head pieces, animals, or anything else your young artist wants to create.This product offers many, fun tactile experiences for all young builders.


Dr. Peet's Talk/Writer
Software, CD Rom (4-8) $59.95
Assists the child with letter recognition through word processing. Easy to understand manual will help learners to understand the program and write, create text, spell and develop other language skills. Many activities are included to enhance learning process.

Hero Arts

Animal Tracks
Rubber stamps (8-12) $13.50
Learn about animals through the unique features of footsteps. Included in this rubber stamp set are 12 foot imprints of deer, squirrel, bird, bear and more. The patterns can be connected to animals, information, and art projects. The set has easy to grip stamps, stores neatly in a clear storage box. A great gift.


1-800-268- 1733
Suzie Stretch
Doll(3-8) $35
What fun to play with a doll as big as the child as she ties Suzie on to her shoe. Suzie accompanies the child to all activities and in rest. Face changes for daytime and nighttime and this doll will soon become a good friend. Suzie is a winner and will be a great addition to your child's playtime.


Playground Set
Creative product (6-10) $9.99
Enter the magical world of a playground by creating five different models including swing, teeter totter, sliding board and merry-go-round. Children use small motor skills and their imaginations as they build with these well designed and colorful components.

Tip: A good balance of construction toys are valuable for girls and boys. KNEX offers 27 shapes to challenge the young builder at all levels.Directions are clear and with color photos to make the experiences easy for everyone. Get into the play by getting down on the floor, sharing creative building and making something with your own hands.


Educational skills toy (3-13) $59
Excellent choice for constructing with wood, these perfectly shaped blocks offer hours of creativity. With 200 smooth, balanced planks to build with your child will enjoy following the suggestions in the book, or his or her own inspirations. The blocks designed in France challenge balance and math. Learning architecture is another aspect of these "friendly planks" (kabouter plankjes).


Nick &Nerf Backwards Basketball
Activity toy (5-8) $19.99
Popular Nerf ball returns for a basketball game strapped to the back mounted hoop. Children need time for physical activity and to learn strategy. This is a game for fun and to learn strategy. This game offers a respite from pressure and gives children a good workout.

Tip: Remember children need a balance of activity. Active play helps them to burn up excess energy, release stress, be healthier and happier and is great for their overall development. Note the varied products we include, for one goal is seeking products that provide for the childs overall development.


Ribbon Dancers
Active toy(5-8)$9.99
This toy will provide lots of physical activity and is a good outlet for energy and imagination. Assembly is easy as directions can be followed effortlessly. The results are fun by moving the 12 feet of satin ribbon on the magic wand into circles and other designs. This is a product that captures the imagination.

Knowledge Adventure

JumpStart First Grade
CD Rom, Software (5-7)$40
This new product started with Preschool and Kindergarten and now First Grade to prepare children for each level.With games, puzzles, animation and sound effects the child will gradually progress and gain the skills needed to excel. Developed with teachers this program series plus others in their line are assets to learning.


Phonics Learning System
Electronic learning aid (3-8) $49.
Created at exactly the right time to facilitate learning phonics this system provides pronunciation of letters and words to learn 600 words and decode many more. This is a complete alphabet and reading center for home, or "The Traveler" version provides continuity. The child hears the sounds as they press the letters.Set of 26 cards comes with each desk.Just the right time to help children learn the basics.

Learning Materials Workshop

Educational skills(3-8) $39.95
Part of an exciting series of wooden quality products that help children discover and solve problems. This set offers flexible, clear tubing along with blocks and dowels in natural wood and primary colors.Creative product design allow the child to curve, twist and compare.

Learning Passport

1-800-U-LEARN-2 (853-2762)
Imagination Place
Creative product (2-8) $225
This is a complete art center with easel, chalkboards and panels for dry erase or washable markers and converts into a playstore, dollhouse, fire station, and puppet theatre. Hardwood natural finish makes this a great value. Imagine sliding panels and unlimited playtime.

Learning Curve Toys

1-800-704-TOYS (8697)
Lamaze Inchworm
Educational Skills product (0-24mos)$14.99
Start with a lovable Inchworm full of surprises. This new line provides an addition to the parent/child interaction process introduced by a trusted organization. The inchworm has a puppet head, squeaker and tapemeasure, plus a visually appealing design.

Tip: Baby will benefit from products that offer developmental stimulation .Developing sensory awareness and active exploring will be enhanced by colorful, safe and well designed products. But as Dr. Toy has been saying for many years, "the parent is the child's first Big Toy" and nothing substitutes for the parent's talking, singing and playing with the baby directly.


Sticky Situations
Communication device (3-8) $9.99
How to handle those difficult times when your child needs to have help to understand the new baby is on the way, or other issues need to be discussed.A new product eases the situation. "Tell me about Tomorrow" can help the child facing the first day of preschool, or other changes. Parent and child both benefit from having this communication skills product.

LEGO Systems

Duplo Baby X-Large Stack 'N'Learn
A first construction toy (6-24mos.)$24.99
Start off right with colorful, safe and stimulating toys they can shake,stake, and knock over as the child laughs all the way. The set includes animals,cars and people plus a special adapter is included so product can grow with the child way with this new set of playthings into his or her next developmental stage. This is one of fine new baby products created by LEGO Systems.

Tip: Develop child's motor skills with a good variety of well made, safe construction toys. Shop for names you can trust. LEGO has a great line from baby through older boys and girls. Lego Dacta is used widely in schools. Look for features, age grading on the box and know your child's readiness to handle the challenges of building and creating. Place products within easy reach and in boxes that can provide good storage and ease of finding pieces for playtime. Build with them sometimes so they can share with you the experiences and fun.


Early Simple Machines
Educational construction products (5-12) $75
Hands on experiences help children learn how things work by finding out directly. These sets developed for in school use facilitate learning. Included in the series are 71 Duplo pieces, 8 color activity cards showing 12 models including phone, robot, car. truck and other items. Storage box holds everything.

Tip:Teachers and parents should know about the potential learning experiences that can be developed around these and other construction products. Obtain books on simple machines to add to the information. When creating at home or school children get extra benefit from including any additional materials (can be easily gathered as a "Create It! Box" ) such as paper fabric, stones, string, foil and wrapping paper and anything else that can add to the value of play.

Lewis Galoob Toys

My Pretty Dollhouse
Creative toy (4-8) $24.99
This innovative dollhouse has lots of value as it can expand with the child's interest. The dollhouse comes with 4 rooms of furniture, miniature figures, and a variety of styles to select from. Houses have accessories for inside and outside and they provide young homeowners with many hours of imaginary communication skills.

LGB of America

Fantasy Train Train set (7-12) $199.95
Enter the world of trains with this high quality G scale toy train set that can be set up to cover 4 1/2 feet of track. This starter set includes everything the young train enthusiast would want and there is plenty to learn as the child's fantasy play continues. Playing with trains offers a lot of learning.

Tip: Take a trip on a train so that your child can expand their experiences of travel and appreciation of the train. There are some train museums and many train clubs that put on exhibits of miniature trains. Find some train books in the library or bookstore to learn more.

Living and Learning

Eureka! I'm An Inventor
Book and projects (8-12) $20
Learning projects with all the ingredients needed to make a burglar alarm, racing car, fan and much more. Well-illustrated, 16 page booklet provides all the directions a young inventor needs to learn how to make lots of useful items plus "Famous Inventor's"page.

Tip: Put together a "Create It! Recycle Collection Box" by adding to the items included in this gift. Add inexpensive recycled items to expand child's imagination and skills. Use art supplies, paper, magazines, fabric, safe paste, etc.

Living Books

Dr. Seuss's ABC
CD ROM, software, book(3-7) $39.95
Excellent rendition and expansion of a widely popular book by the icon of children's literature, Dr. Seuss, my favorite since I first opened the book "Cat in the Hat." What better way to learn the ABC's than to be introduced to the letters, sights and sounds of the letters, music and animation. A CD is not offered to replace, but rather enhance the books.Click! 400 alphabetically inspired surprises await.

Manhattan Toy Company

Looney Bird Hand Puppets
Puppets (2-8) $9.99
Children love puppets. When they are using them , their communication skills and imagination expands, as they make up dialogue. They have a great time improvising. These puppets are colorful, easy to use and fun. They are part of a great line of imaginative high quality plush products.

Mattel Toys

Follow the Lights Keyboard
Educational skills product (18 mos-5) $30
A colorful keyboard decorated with Disney friends help child learn the basics of music. Make up a tune or learn popular favorites this keyboard helps the child gain an appreciation of playing and gaining in skills. This product will grow with the child and encourage early musical interests.

MDP Worldwide

Born Wild
Video tape (5-12)
Available for rental at your local video store
Education begins with discovery. Brooke Shields shares the limelight with the two suddenly orphaned leopard cubs she discovers on a documentary film assignment. In South Africa she meets John Varty, the man who has filmed the mother leopard for 12 years.The struggle to bring the story back and protect the cubs is thrilling.

Milton Bradley

Lucky Ducks
Game (3-8) $18
Real quacking sounds on these 12 yellow ducks as they swim around on the pond waiting to be placed on their nests. Color matching teaches children as they also have to remember and match three to win. A great way to start the basics about colors and anyone can play and have fun. Memory skills are easy when its fun.


Ace Publisher
Software, Educational Skills (10-12) $69.99
Children learn basics of the publishing business. Along the way the child learns grammar, editing, the business of publishing and they even get to create, produce and learn to sell their own manuscripts. This program will be a boon to learning first hand the importance of written skills. This will also encourage more self-expression.

Ohio Art

Faballoon Balloon Maker
Creative craft(8-12) $26.93
Fabulous balloons turn into gifts, centerpieces or hanging decorations. Everything needed for 8 balloons plus pumping unit, wand, decorating pen, shredded paper and a color creativity guide. Refill sets are available. These are delightful projects that are more fun to do together and a terrific way to celebrate the next birthday. Check out their "Etch A Sketch" too when you are at the toy store.

One World Toys

Kids on the Go Playset
Toy (3-5) $16.99
Exciting playtime offered by a United Nations approach in ethnically diverse, posable figures that have fun in a colorful and imaginative playset. Children learn through play that they can get along well with others.This one new product among many offered by this innovative new company aimed at fostering greater understanding and respect .

Tip: To build on the good will generated by this product line take your child to the United Nations, learn about the UN's 50th anniversary, about UNICEF and about other ways to broaden child's appreciation of neighbors around the community, our country and the world.

Optimum Resources

Adventures in Fairyland
CD ROM (4-8) $14.99
A delightful story, coloring and puzzle program based on favorite fairy tales. This product offers creativity and thinking as it provides many levels of play. High quality with excellent production. A great value.


Hyper Peppy
Educational skills (10-12) $29.95
An electronic kit that is easy to assemble by your young hobbyist or scientist. Contents become a super intelligent robot with touch and sound sensor. It changes direction when in contact or there is a loud noise. Clear directions, printed circuit board. A sure fire winner for a new adventure for parent and older child to do together.

Pastime Industries

516- 588-8700
Country Bouquet
Creative product (8-12) $14.99
Excellent choice to help child gain the skills of a hobby or craft and learn to make objects with their own hands. This set is complete with full illustrations and contains everything a young person needs to create a bouquet of flowers and a vase. The results will please the young florist and beautify a room.

Pearce-Evetts Productions

Fingerplays and Action Chants:Animals
Audio tape and book (2-6 ) $14.95.
Many games and 13 songs sung by talented teacher for children and adults to share, enjoy and learn together. Good illustrations in a 64 page booklet that provides words and simple directions. Expand creativity and language development. Reusable packaging.


Fun with Electronics
CD ROM. Software (8-12) $44.99
New item from Phillips Media Home and Family Entertainment. This product teaches the child the basic principles of electricity. The toolbox is filled with special components to instruct the child to complete 25 projects of varied skills on and off screen. This is an exciting product featuring a computer that shows how for example, the battery, and transistor, etc. function.Learning the basics helps the child to understand and appreciate the importance of electricity in their lives.


Baby So Beautiful
Doll(3-8) $19.99
A really beautiful collection of baby dolls with accessories. This collection, designed by J. Shackelford, provides hours of playtime with hair and comb, posable body, baby book with baby care ideas and little locket for the little mother to wear. The dolls are very well detailed and make a great buy.


1-800-PLAYSKL (752-9755)
All in One Fun Learning Center
Educational skills product (2-6) $70
This set combines many great features including converting the easel into a desk, playtop that can be an alphabet pegboard or a drawing board. Plus it contains an electronic learning aid that contains different skills that helps teach letters, spelling,shapes and drawing. This is a great new product in the Learning Steps line.

Radio Flyer

Push-Pull Wagon
Activity toy (1-7) $60.
The perfectly designed new red wagon for preschoolers with versatile features. Long handle, simple to change latch, storage and seating for little ones to enjoy.Wheels are quiet for comfortable riding. Now preschoolers can have a great wagon just like their older sibs.

Rock N Learn

Book and audio cassette (2-5)$9.95
Over 60 animals from housepets, farms, forest and zoos are combined into a book and tape set that offers experiences of sounds, habitats and traits. Varied songs, games and activities are included for learning fun.

Tip: Take a trip to local pet store, zoo (some places have children's animal petting areas) and other places where your child can have a direct experience of animals and learn more about them. Listen to the tape and read the book before the trip.


Yello Dino's Can't Fool Me!
Audio Tape or CD (3-10) $11.95
With an approach combining songs and common sense children will learn how to protect themselves from strangers or from being lost, molested, or abducted. The program includes other safety devices. Written by a talented songwriter the music combines many styles and the very important messages are heard.


Multimedia Keyboard
CD ROM (5-12) $150
Provide the highest quality of stereo sound for learning and entertainment for your child's favorite CD's with this keyboard. Features include space saving, tactile keyboard, and a built in microphone allows recording, downloading and copying.


PICO- Berenstein Bears- A School Day
Software, educational skills (3-6) $60
Expanding the multimedia learning tool of the PICO computer for kids this new software provides a lot of learning opportunities by guiding the child through a typical school day . Games teaching the alphabet, sorting, matching shapes and much more. Great new learning materials are being designed at this company.

Tip: Talk with your child about the experiences in school . Create a place for him to practice what he has learned . Check out some of the Berenstein Bears books at the library or bookstore. Display your child's art and stories and create a scrapbook that will become a way of sharing the milestones of their developmental milestones.

Spizzirri Publishing

Library Album
Assorted 6 books and audio tapes (2-10)$39.95
A treasure trove of books and tapes on themes of nature including birds, reptiles, fish,dogs, cats, whales, transportation, native americans,pioneers, dinosaurs, and more. The first books of their kind to read, color, listen and learn so select the ones desired from a bountiful catalog. Set comes in handy binder. Some books available in English and Spanish.

Sports Dynasty

1-800-656-GAME (4263)
Sports Dynasty
Board game(8-12) $24.95
A terrific game for the sports enthusiasts in your family. Players begin as owners of four professional teams in four sports, football, baseball, basketball, and hockey . The owners compete for trophies as they try to become the first to build a dynasty. They trade players, bid for superstars and cope with injuries just like in real life. A lot to understand the game will challenge and develop strategy thinking

Straight Edge

1-800-READMAT (732-3628)
Hieroglyphic Encoder
Educational skills on placemat (8-12) $10
Study the language of ancient Egypt by using both sides of this innovative placemat. Child can write and create secret messages with wet erase marker. Newest of their many, unique educational placemats offered to enhance mealtime.


Sesame Street Wooden Railway
Educational toy(3-6) $49.99
This is a great product and one that Cookie Monster would love to show off. The suspension bridge , train and tracks, signs plus the child's favorite Sesame Street characters. Compatible with Brio train tracks and other playsets child can build a whole town around the tracks. The train cars are held together with magnets. One additional point. Dr. Toy is very glad to note that part of the proceeds from this product line will help to support Children's Television Workshop, producer of "Sesame Street." . Dr. Toy approved the first grant for Sesame Street years ago in Washington and this is one great long lasting contribution to youngsters.

Tip: Read a train story to your child. When you watch "Sesame Street" together talk about the action on the program. Answer your child's questions about what they watch on television. Have them draw pictures of the trains or create their own play buildings from paper and cardboard and hold them up with cardboard backing.


Big Screen Microscope
Educational skills product (8-12) $99
A great investment for your budding scientist with interest in learning more . Created by the premiere company for telescopes and microscopes. This model offers expanded viewing or projection on a screen. It is complete with slides and directions for proper usage plus other tools.

Tip: Be sure to review the proper usage of sensitive equipment of any kind (telescopes, computers, projectors, microscopes, etc.) so child will not use something he or she has not been prepared for. Tasco gives pointers on care of their equipment so share these pointers before the child begins to use their new product. This will avoid breakage, unnecessary repairs and any needless frustrations.

Team Concepts

Comquest Junior and Plus
Educational skills products (5-12) $70/$150
Electronic learning toy is a laptop computer with word processing helps the child learn computer skills plus word games, strategy and math. It can also store documents, plus it offers many more features. Each is suitable for the appropriate age range with activities that will challenge and help your child.

The Ertl Company

Coochy Coo Baby
Educational skills, doll (3-7) $19.99
This is a realistic, soft baby doll with amazing features. She can make sounds when touched, giggle when tickled, drink when fed with magic bottle. The baby is content when given her pacifier. She will delight the young mother who wants a darling baby to nurture. Complete with perfect little outfit she will win your young child's heart.

Tiger Electronics

LapTop Smarts
Electronic learning aid (6-10)$49.99
Children are fascinated by laptop computers and now they can have their own. This one is loaded with educational value including spelling, math, reading, puzzles and much more. The activities appear on the screen and the child can indicate exactly what they want to do. Plenty of fun ,animated graphics, a data base plus the portable features. Additional cartridges are available for extended vocabulary.

Tip: When obtaining any product that operates with batteries be sure to buy the recommended type of batteries and be ready to install them after your child has opened the box and is ready to use his new toy. Do not let the child install the batteries. Check batteries frequently so they are operational. Don't mix old and new batteries together. If a product is not being used for awhile remove the batteries. If you are using an adapter with any product be sure to unplug it after each use.You can test the life of the battery with the handy Duracell Copper Top Tester that is part of their package. Dispose of batteries properly.

Today's Kids

1-800-258-TOYS (8697)
Action Strike Bowling
Active/Educational skills toy (3-6) $26
Children need to focus their attention and develop coordination. This playset helps them in learning and in overall development. This real-life, durable and well designed bowling activity set is designed for little people to experience the fun of a popular game. Ready to use, this set is complete with bars, pins and ball.Strike!

Toddler Teepee

Toddler Teepee
Playtent (3-7) $60
Lightweight, sturdy, colorful and stimulating for hours of creative play this durable tent comes in two sizes for children at home or in preschool. Easy to store, set up and use to expand the imagination of the active child. Great for inside or outside play.

TopLine Toys

Creative Activity (5-10) $9.95
Creative paper craft that allows the child to color and punch out figures to make a new toy.The 8 puppets are presented in an interactive box that allows you to see how the product works. Included in the box are six bright markers and 2 squeezes. The series includes a butterfly, bird, bat, bee, dog, frog, gorilla, horse, Tarantula, and Toucan.

Toy Biz

Gerber Hispanic American Talking Baby
Educational doll (12-36mos.) $34.99
Que Bueno! Long needed for bi-lingual education, all children benefit from learning words in another language. This innovative 14"doll begins talking with 11 points on the doll's face and body,ojo-eye,boca-mouth,estomago-tummy, but then it adds more complex phrases , "mano, agarra mi mano- hand, hold my hand." This doll is available in three ethnic versions. A welcome addition to preschool programs.

Toy Max

Creative product(8-12) $24.99
Amazing product that children can enjoy by using their imagination and imaginative ingredients. Glamour Goop goes into molding trays with the decorations Pop into a molding oven and magically dolls dressed as the young designer wants them, are ready to be posed in or near her nearest dollhouse. This is a product that requires guidance and can be more fun if you make the little dolls together.

Twin Sisters Productions

1-800-248-(Twins) 8946.
Safe and Sound
Educational audio tape (5-12) $9.98
Promote the understanding of safety and proper responses with this excellent production. Children will learn from tape and book how to gains the skills and self- confidence to avoid being victims. Part of proceeds support the important work of National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Newest addition in a terrific line of learning materials.


Magna Doodle 3-in- 1 Play Center
Creative product (3-8) $30
Great new play center offers place for doodling, drawing and building. Three surfaces gives magic erase screen, smooth desk and a sturdy play center with 12 colorful blocks that store magically inside. A big value for your creative child.

Tip: Easy to erase surface can help child to communicate when words are difficult. Plus the child will be occupied with many fun activities that they create at their own pace. Important for this high paced technological age we live in to achieve balance in your child's life.

University Games

Game of Knowledge
Board game (10-12) $22
Innovative games abound at this company and this new one is no exception. This new game offers a journey of discovery with 1,500 questions about history, nature, science, media, fame and more.Great for the whole family to play together and provide learning and your own journey.


Voyagers: Discovery of an Amazing Planet
Game (10-12) $15.95
A portable game for the whole family to play on a trip or on any day when you want to travel around the world from your living room. This 400 card based game includes 1200 questions exploring each continent and in each the customs, famous people, history, achievements and much more are written as dramatic dialogues or scenes. This is a great way to learn new information and learn world cultures.


Little Smart Touch & Learn Gym
Educational skills product (3-6mos) $49.99
Practical and innovative activity gym this new product offers many great features including electronic speech,music and sounds.Nice bright colors introduce an activity panel to attach to crib or it can be freestanding on sturdy legs. Stimulates baby to reach out, touch and enjoy many responses.

Tip: Baby will enjoy the free standing position of the activity gym when he is able to interact easily from his infant bouncer seat that will give him the support he needs as he reaches out to touch the hanging animals or make contact with the buttons.

Weeks Juvenile Products

1-800-400-TOYS (8697)
Little Contractor
Toy (6-12) $39.95
A safe and realistic exact replica of real working tools including hammer, tape measure, level and flashlight complete with leather tool belt and pouch. Get a hard hat and your child is in the construction business plus there is the excitement of helping their parent fix things around the house.

Tip: Construction fascinates kids so visit these sites in the community. Obtain a copy of construction videos and get books on the subject. Develop some projects you can build together. Make something that your child can decorate and use.This will have lasting value and will make the experience of building come to life.

Wild Planet

Educational toy (5-10) $18
Great value for your young naturalist who is ready to explore outdoors. Combines telescope and microscope with clear directions on how to closely examine the collected bugs. One of a series of terrific, new products that offer all the accessories needed to make this wild planet a great new adventure.

Tip: Plan a trip to a nearby park to give your child the chance to learn the skills of discovery close-up. Examination of a leaf, bug, and other objects. Use the guidance stimulated by Wild Planet to assist your child. Check out books from the library to expand their understanding of the wild kingdom of insects and animals.

WJ Fantasy

1-800-ABC-PLAY (222-7529)
Games Around the World
Board game (4-10) $12.95
Created in cooperation with UNICEF this go anywhere game set can be played in school or at home. Instructions for each of the six games are translated into four languages. Included are games from 12 countries including checkers (France), Tic- Tac-Toe (Egypt) Snakes and Ladders (India) and others. Images from the country are part of the gameboard. Playing games teaches children many skills and social interaction. This is a set for the whole family to enjoy.


Multimedia Bug Book
CD Rom.Software(5-10) $49.95
Based on the missing bug collection child learns about bugs as they are found and identified. The habitats and much more is part of the discovery process. This CD is based on the Bug Book. Another in a series of nature adventures is the Bird Book.

Tip: Take a trip to the Natural History Museum to see bug (or bird collections) and to help children learn about creatures that they are curious about. Find appropriate books to add to their information. Talk about these experiences. Child may also enjoy drawing their own bug pictures in a sketchbook. Look for the nearest butterfly garden or plant one in your own backyard, or at your child's school.


1-800-WREBBIT (973-2248)
The Farm
Educational skills (4-10) $14.95
Great 3-D jigsaw puzzles offering exciting creative and learning experiences.Children benefit from activities that they do with their hands and gain important manual dexterity as these wonderful puzzles result in a great looking farm, 55 pieces (or school, 65 pieces). Create a building and the little figures are included ready to play. Great value!


Nick Puzzlers
toy (8-14) $19.99
Four hand -held learning games these puzzlers challenge young minds with games of strategy, words, memory and numbers. Each puzzler offers four different games with multiple play options. Based on Nickelodeon, the TV Network, these electronic learning systems provide lots of skill building and interactive play. When learning is fun children retain more.

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