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Dr. Toy acknowledges the enormous contributions of the following people and companies for Dr. Toy's Guide: The staff at the 100 toy and children's products companies selected for the Best Products and Best Vacation Products Program, plus,

Ralph Whitten
Chris Beaumont and Web Weavers (webweavers@ncafe.com) for the original web work.
Dan 'Woody' Whitaker
Greg Whitten
Steven and Maida Greenberg
Lanny Sher-Public Relations Associates
Amy Auerbach Metz
Bob Concannon
Timothy Gillespie
Laurie Harper-Sebastian Literary Agency
Tim Beneke
Julia Drake Chung -Publications Design
Sharon Skolnick Design
and most of all
Kazuko D. Nishita

plus, the following companies:
Camera Corner
CanToo Photo
Copy Central
Custom Processing
Elite Desk Top Publishing
Krishna Copy
Safeway Stores
Ritz Photo
Safeway Stores
UC Copy and
Wells Fargo Bank (c) l995, 1996, 1997 Stevanne Auerbach, PhD San Francisco, CA.
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