1. Alex



4-10 yrs.


My Collage Case

Something magical happens when a child considers an empty collage tray and the fun possibilities of creating a picture by gluing together all sorts of items. Discovery and imagination are the keys in the art of collage. With this set a child discovers the unlimited potential of collage. You can add items to the collection in the kits such as beans, fabric, magazine pictures, calendar, and other items.

The kit comes with easy instructions and many ideas to get children started in their new art experiences. Each child can find their own form of self expression. Collages can be flat or 3-dimensional. The child can glue pieces of construction paper and write messages. Hang a collage when finished or put it on the wall. Easy ideas included are to make a tropical bird, using glitter or sequins, glue and beads and pieces of wool. Children can create a happy clown face, or a birthday or Valentine's Day card an underwater scene or even a picture frame.

The set contains trays and plenty of great stuff such as sequins, gravel, wiggly eyes, construction paper, craft glue, beads, pompoms, doilies, colored stones and paper, metallic shapes, yarn and stickers, plus a pair of paper scissors all packaged in a easy to carry reusable, clear plastic box.

ALEX stands for Art, Learning, Enrichment and eXploration. In 1986 Nurit Amdur founded a company focused on creative play with a line of high quality, brightly packaged art supplies for children. The supplies ranged from finger paints to water colors, crayons and markers designed to appeal to children of all ages. ALEX's products are in art supply, specialty toy, gift and museum stores.
2. Applause



3-8 yrs.


Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls

America's favorite soft dolls for over 80 years these traditional Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls are sure to please all ages and both children and collectors. They are the delightful dolls that can be played with as you read the classic storybook. These dolls range from 8 inches to 36 inches with a range in price. Each doll has the trademark heart that says "I love you."

Johnny Gruelle wrote a story about his daughter, Marcella's devotion to the rag doll her great-grandmother made for her grandmother she found in the attic of their house. Raggedy Ann was born in 1918 with the publication of the first book. In 1997 the US Postal Service will issue a Raggedy Ann stamp as one of 15 Classic American dolls stamps.

Applause founded by Wallace Berrie has since 1966 has been producing high quality and innovative plush toys. In the mid 70's they obtained the rights to exclusively sell Smurfs. In 1982 Berrie acquired The Applause Company and in 1996 the Dakin Company.

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