8. Cadaco 



8-12 yrs.


Slam Bas-Ket

This is a table-top version of classic court basketball. Slam Bas-Ket consists of a realistic court with baskets, backboards and basketball, and six separate shooters with injection molded base with flip-up levers. There is a scoreboard with scoring dials for both players, for realistic play. This is a game for two players. The rules are in English and Spanish. This game helps develop hand-eye coordination, quick reactions and is fun.

Cadaco's first product was a football game, unveiled in 1936. The company moved from California to Chicago in 1937, the year they launched Tripoley. Slam Bas-Ket was introduced in 1938, and over the course of the 60 years since, has become an enduring part of the history of the company.
9. Cadaco 


10-12 yrs.


Tripoley 65th Anniversary Edition

This is a special 65th Anniversary Edition of the original game of Tripoley, one of the oldest family games. It is a winning combination of Rummy, Hearts and Poker. The lead-off game is hearts. Players collect chips for the high value of heart in their hands. The next game is Poker, in which the best hand takes the jackpot, and finally, Rummy can challenge the players to get rid of all the cards and collect the "kitty." Up to nine people can play Tripoley, which is truly a game for everyone, at all levels of ability. It comes with a deck of playing cards, a supply of poker chips and easy-to-read instructions. It helps to promote strategy, thinking, memory and patience. Games where everyone plays are great for the whole family, and for youngsters and their friends.

Cadaco was created in 1935 by Donald Mazer and Charles Berlesheimer. They started with just one game, FOTO World, then added Scientific Football and Touchdown in 1936. In 1941, Ethan Allen's All-Star Baseball began as part of a long line of classic games. In 1953, their game "Skip Across" sold a million copies.
10. Colorama Creations





Rolocolor Coloring Desk

This is a refillable activity center that comes in a case containing a 22-foot roll of storyroll, with easy-to-turn dials. Included are 8 non-toxic crayons and a child-safe crayon sharpener. Children can have fun drawing at any time, both at home and while travel. The laptop activity center rolls easily to bring new paper into the available space. A tic-tac-toe board adds to the fun. This is a fun project that will keep your child busy for many hours. There are 25 differently designed rolls to choose from.

Robert Swenson, in 1982, founded the Company in response to a customer's request and designed a unit that would enable a child to color and advance the paper so they could color an entire roll.


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