23. Ohio Art Company



4-8 yrs.



Etch-A-Sketch has been called the world's first laptop. This is a product that allows both children and adults to make up unique art creations. Using the knobs to control the movement, Etch-A-Sketch allows the child to doodle, design and draw for hours and never make a mistake. It's a great travel product. Children will easily learn to use the product properly and will have many hours of fun.

First introduced in 1960, Etch-A-Sketch is manufactured in Bryon, Ohio, still in the classic red case. Etch-A-Sketch is one of the few toys that maintains growing popularity and is one of a fine line of arts and crafts products of this company.

W.C. Killgallon discovered the invention at Toy Fair in 1959. When Ohio Art was offered the invention they began producing it and have been doing so ever since.
24. Pappa Geppeto's Toys



6-24 mos.


Skwish Classic

Skwish is the ultimate baby toy, featuring bright colors, sliding beads and jingling bell. It provides hours of fun as the baby grasps, shakes, rattles and squeezes. It is a great crib or carriage toy, well-suited for either home or travel, and can easily become an ongoing plaything. The elastic cord was chosen as a cost-effective alternative to solid wood and it allows the toy to sqwish flat and always bounce back to its original form.

Skwish was designed by Tom Flemons while he was studying the Tensegrity structures of Buckminister Fuller. Founded in 1985, Papa Geppeto's Toys Victoria Limited began as an small manufacturer of wooden toys and gifts. Currently the company works with independent designers around the world.
25. Pleasant Company



7-12 yrs.


Samantha Parkington Doll

Samantha Parkington was created as one of the first of three characters introduced to The American Girls Collection in 1986. Samantha is an 18-inch doll with soft cloth body and vinyl arms, legs, and head. She comes dressed to perfection with curly hair and Victorian dress, and can stand or sit. Her dress has a pleated front. Samantha is featured in six books of historical fiction. Accessories--including jewelry, purse, handkerchief, and a reproduction of an Indian head penny--help bring her stories to life. Additional accessories include: a school desk, lunch box, books, dresses, a gingerbread house, a wicker table and chairs, and more.

Pleasant Rowland, founder and president of Pleasant Company, is a former teacher who wanted to create products for young girls that educate and entertain. In 1985, inspired by a trip to Colonial Williamsburg, Rowland combined American history and educational products to launch The American Girls Collection of books, dolls, and accessories to teach girls about American history and to provide information and fun. Samantha is a girl living with her grandmother in 1904.


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