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During the summer months your child will benefit from learning the computer regardless of level of ability. Children can with the right educational programs learn at their own rate of speed. This is real individualized learning and a valuable investment. Be sure to select products that are age and skill appropriate. Your child also needs a good balance of indoor and outdoor activities. These suggested products offered by the Expert Software Company are of high educational quality and range in topics by age, level of ability and cost.

Expert Software
Multimedia Bug Book (ages 5-10 yrs.) $14.95.
1- 800-759-2562.
Children learn about bugs as they attempt to solve the mystery of the missing bug collection. Five habitats (pond, ground, field, leaves or home) are included with sound effects and animation. The game gives the child a chance to find over 50 bugs. Video clips are included of bugs in action, traveling, hunting, eating and fighting. The child can learn to perform experiments, classify and view anatomical ch

Expert Software
Multimedia Bird Book (ages 6-12 yrs.) $14.95,
1- 800-759-2562.
A very well done, fun, interactive field guide and adventure on birds. This program provides the clues a child needs to identify 60 birds in seven habitats. An animated adventure provides guidance as the child learns how to photograph birds for a special bird magazine, identify sounds and learn about each bird's habitat. Included are facts about the bird's diet, behavior plus there is a place for the c

Expert Software
Eco-Warriors in Space (ages 7-10 yrs.), $14.95,
1- 800-759-2562.
This program gives the child the mission of saving the planet while learning skills. Games are Mega Math, Space Speak , Alien Art, Eco-logic and Mission Earth. The child is rewarded with animals, seeds and water. They can use these elements to bring the gray planet back to life. The games are on three difficulty levels. The child will enjoy graphics, animation and music.

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