Dr. Toy Awards Top Summer Toys


" MOM, DAD, WHAT CAN I DO NOW? " is the all too familiar complaint of millions of kids to their parents after school, on weekends, and all summer long. Dr. Toy responds to the pleas of children asking for constructive, fun activities with the finest award winning list of 'Dr. Toy's Best Children's Vacation Products-1996'for babies, toddlers, preschoolers to older children..

Parents need to plan and prepare ahead for their children's leisure time. This report presents a great selection of 80 new products perfect for summertime or after school. These products will help parents overcome the challenges of finding innovative and interesting things for their kids to do. Dr. Toy's selections also help parents offer a healthy balance of fun, positive activities for travel, educational and creative activities.

Dr. Toy has three main areas of concern for vacation time or after school.

First, children need to know they will be safe. When parents are not available they need to know someone responsible that they can trust is nearby to provide guidance, support and supervision. The person needs to be authorized to act in case of an emergency.

Second, children need interesting things to do and play with. They need to explore new opportunities and be challenged. Parents can provide things that will help them learn while having fun during their leisure time.

Third, children need balance and variety in their play. Parents can provide an assortment of carefully selected toys, books, tapes, puzzles crafts, physical equipment and other items that help them learn while experiencing new found interests. The right products and activities will help them to discover new talents and innate abilities without feeling pressured.

With summer's heat almost upon us the need for parent's advance planning and preparation is essential.

Dr. Toy searches for those products that are safe, well designed, reasonable in price and have plenty of educational and creative value. The products are available from 50 large and small companies from all over the world.

Ideas for making this summer enjoyable and memorable for children are only a few moments away. Dr. Toy reduces the time that it takes for parents to locate new, innovative and wonderful products designed to make their child happier.

Complete product information includes company's name, product photo, description, price, customer service phone number. Dr. Toy wants it to be easy for all families to gain access to finding top quality products that will strongly appeal to and be beneficial to children. Some companies have a connection with Dr. Toy's Guide to their own web site providing even more information and providing a lively up to the minute reference section.

Parents can also write to Dr. Toy for a free copy of the report. Include a self addressed stamped business size # 10 envelope.

to: The Institute for Childhood Resources, 268 Bush St., San Francisco, CA 94104.