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Dr. Toy: Software Fun

Software can be a lot of fun for children. The more fun it is the more the child will enjoy playing and learning. Select software from companies that are responsible and take the time to produce appropriate products. The topics should vary and offer the child interesting new situations, information and opportunities to practice skills. The selections include a lot of fun and learning.

Marty and the Trouble with Cheese (ages 2-5 yrs.) $29.95.
1- 800-33-MAXIS (62947).
A first voice activated, software program for preschoolers to have fun and learn how to interact with the computer. The child can use a microphone for full interaction. Without a microphone child can still interact, listen and watch the story. Marty, the mouse, has a number of friends. Your child helps him find his way home in time for his birthday party with some funny adventures.Graphics are sharp and well-designed.

Simtown (ages 8-12 yrs.) $39.95.
1- 800-33-MAXIS (62947).
This is a perfect software program for learning while having fun. The child will discover the basics of economics, ecology, pollution, recycling, city planning, architecture and more. Ample opportunities for exploration, creation, thinking and problem solving. The child can select the types of houses, number of people they want to live in their animated town plus select the businesses they want. Best of all they plan town's growth by balancing basic needs for survival.

Widget Workshop (ages 8-12 yrs.) $29.95,
1- 800-33-MAXIS (62947).
For the young scientist this excellent program will provide fun along with the basics of science, physics, math, logic and sound. The program provides a series of great experiments with parts and pieces that are connected by the child in unlimited ways. They learn to solve problems and invent new things by using problem solving, thinking, reasoning and critical thinking. There is plenty of advice and help along the way.

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