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Gemini Kaleidoscopes

Birds Kaleidoscopes
Toy,Creative Product.(5-10) $7.50
Magical products that bring birds to light. Watch Hummingbirds and Cardinals fly through flowers and leaves. Children over many decades have delighted in the views as seen through the kaleidoscope. Use these for discussion, reading and learning more about birds as well as children's expression through art.

Great American Puzzle Factory

Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego?
Puzzle and game (4-8) $11.95
Based on the popular Broderbund software game this colorful, sturdy puzzle and guide book helps the child to learn the states plus match pictures and geography facts. Special disappearing ink adds to the mystery and fun to use. Good for communication skills. Board games stimulate conversation and that is important.

Hands On Toys

Toobers & Zots
Educational skills (3-7) $29.95
Bright colored foam tubes from 2 to 4 inches long are easily bendable and zots, assorted shapes fit on the tubes like beads. Create to your hearts content and make head pieces, animals, or anything else your young artist wants to create.This product offers many, fun tactile experiences for all young builders.


Dr. Peet's Talk/Writer
Software, CD Rom (4-8) $59.95
Assists the child with letter recognition through word processing. Easy to understand manual will help learners to understand the program and write, create text, spell and develop other language skills. Many activities are included to enhance learning process.

Hero Arts

Animal Tracks
Rubber stamps (8-12)$13.50
Learn about animals through the unique features of footsteps. Included in this rubber stamp set are 12 foot imprints of deer, squirrel, bird, bear and more. The patterns can be connected to animals, information, and art projects. The set has easy to grip stamps, stores neatly in a clear storage box. A great gift.


1-800-268- 1733
Suzie Stretch
Doll(3-8) $35
What fun to play with a doll as big as the child as she ties Suzie on to her shoe . Susie accompanies the child to all activities and in rest. Face changes for daytime and nighttime. This doll will soon become a good friend. Suzie is a winner and will be a great addition to your child's playtime.


Playground Set
Creative product (6-10) $9.99
Enter the magical world of a playground by creating five different models including swing, teeter totter, sliding board and merry-go-round. Children use small motor skills and their imaginations as they build with these well designed and colorful components.

Tip: A good balance of construction toys are valuable for girls and boys. KNEX offers 27 shapes to challenge the young builder at all levels.Directions are clear and with color photos to make the experiences easy for everyone. Get into the play by getting down on the floor, sharing creative building and making something with your own hands.

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