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Educational skills toy (3-13) $59
Excellent choice for constructing with wood these perfectly shaped blocks offer hours of creativity. With 200 smooth, balanced planks to build with, your child will enjoy following the suggestions in the book or, his or her own inspirations. The blocks designed in France challenge balance and math. Learning architecture is another aspect of these "friendly planks" (kabouter plankjes).


Nick &Nerf Backwards Basketball
Activity toy (5-8) $19.99
Popular Nerf ball returns for a basketball game strapped to the back mounted hoop. Children need time for physical activity and to learn strategy. This is a game for fun and to learn strategy. This game offers a respite from pressure and gives children a good workout.

Tip: Remember children need a balance of activity. Active play helps them to burn up excess energy, release stress, be healthier and happier and is great for their overall development. Note the varied products we include, for one goal is seeking products that provide for the overall childs development.

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