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Ribbon Dancers
Active toy(5-8)$9.99
This toy will provide lots of physical activity and is a good outlet for energy and imagination. Assembly is easy as directions can be followed effortlessly. The results are fun as the 12 feet of satin ribbon is moved on the magic wand into circles and other designs. This is a product that captures the imagination.

Knowledge Adventure

JumpStart First Grade
CD Rom, Software (5-7) $40
This new product started with Preschool and Kindergarten and now First Grade to prepare children for each level.With games, puzzles, animation and sound effects the child will gradually progress and gain the skills needed to excel. Developed with teachers this program series plus others in their line are assets to learning.


Phonics Learning System
Electronic learning aid (3-8) $49.95
Created at exactly the right time to help children learn to read using essential phonic skills. This system provides the correct pronunciation of letters and words for 500 words . This is a complete alphabet and reading center for home, or "The Traveler" version provides continuity. The child hears sounds as they press the letters. Set of 26 cards comes with each desk. Just the right time to help children learn the basics.

Learning Materials Workshop

Educational skills(3-8) $39.95
Part of an exciting series of quality wooden products that help children discover and solve problems this set offers flexible, clear tubing along with blocks and dowels in natural wood and primary colors, creative product design that allows the child to curve, twist and compare.

Learning Passport

1-800-U-LEARN-2 (853-2762)
Imagination Place
Creative product (2-8) $225
This is a complete art center with easel, chalkboards and panels for dry erase or washable markers and converts into a playstore, dollhouse, fire station, and puppet theatre. Hardwood natural finish makes this a great value. Imagine sliding panels and unlimited playtime.

Learning Curve Toys

1-800-704-TOYS (8697)
Lamaze Inchworm
Educational Skills product (0-24mos)$14.99
Start with a lovable Inchworm full of surprises. This new line provides an addition to the parent/child interaction process introduced by a trusted organization. The inchworm has a puppet head, squeaker and tapemeasure, plus a visually appealing design.

Tip: Baby will benefit from products that offer developmental stimulation. Developing sensory awareness, and active exploring will be enhanced by this line and other baby products that are colorful, safe and well designed . Dr. Toy has been saying for many years the parent is the child's first "Big Toy" . Nothing substitutes for the parent's talking, singing and playing with the baby directly.

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