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1-800-YO-CASIO (962-2746)
My Super Magic Diary
Educational product(8-12) $79.95
This unit is amazing. Kids can send messages to each other up to 30 ft.and unit responds to 12 different commands by wave of the hand. 100 entries can be made of names, all pertinent information, plus personalized features can be added. Included also are scheduling and a diary. Plus it is multilingual, and a secret password protects the contents. What more can you want in technology?

Children's Out of School Time

Activity Club Kits
Individual activity kits (6-12) $15.95
A practical, educational series of kits that can help children to launch interests and even long time hobbies. The themes of masks, birds, photography and clock provide children with opportunities to practice skills with their own hands.Great for after homework and to offset too much technological overload. Important for children to develop skills with their hands and learn to make things for themselves.

Children's Circle

1-800-KIDS-VID (543-7843)
The William Steig Library
Video Tape(3-12)$14.95
A collection of the stories and animated illustrations of the well-known New Yorker cartoonist and children's author/illustrator, William Steig, honored by the Newberry and Caldecott awards.This 52 minute video based on four books will delight the whole family.The stories tell of magic, courage, determination and more. Two are narrated by actor John Lithgow plus a 7 minute interview with the author.

Clayton Productions

I Want to be a Ballerina
Video (3-11) $14.95
Enter the magical world of toe shoes, costumes, rehearsals and dancing with a 30 minute video to inspire. Learn the basics of ballet as the production of the Nutcracker ballet unfolds.Teachers and students share their experiences for aspiring ballerinas.

Tip: Take your child to a ballet or watch one on educational TV. Add to your child's interest in dance by attending a local ballet dance class and make the experiences on video come to life.

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