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Yello Dino's Can't Fool Me!
Audio Tape or CD(3-10) $11.95
With an approach combining songs and common sense children will learn how to protect themselves from strangers or from being lost, molested, or abducted. The program includes other safety devices. Written by a talented songwriter the music combines many styles and the very important messages are heard.


Multimedia Keyboard
CD ROM (5-12) $150
Provide the highest quality of stereo sound for learning and entertainment for your child's favorite CD's with this keyboard. Features include space saving tactile keyboard, and a built in microphone allows recording, downloading and copying.


PICO- Berenstein Bears- A School Day
Software, educational skills (3-6) $60
Expanding the multimedia learning tool of the PICO computer for kids this new software provides a lot of learning opportunities by guiding the child through a typical school day. Games teach the alphabet, sorting, matching shapes and much more. Great new learning materials are being designed by this company.

Tip: Talk with your child about the experiences in school . Create a place for him to practice what he has learned. Check out some of the Berenstein Bears books at the library or bookstore. Display your child's art and stories and create a scrapbook that will become a way of sharing the milestones of their developmental milestones.

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