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Spizzirri Publishing

Library Album
Assorted 6 books and audio tapes (2-10) $39.95
A treasure trove of books and tapes on themes of nature including birds, reptiles, fish,dogs, cats, whales, transportation, native americans,pioneers, dinosaurs and more. The first books of their kind to read, color, listen and learn so select the ones desired from a bountiful catalog. Set comes in handy binder. Some books are available in English and Spanish.

Sports Dynasty

Sports Dynasty
Board game(8-12)$24.95
A terrific game for the sports enthusiasts in your family. Players begin as owners of four professional teams in four sports, football, baseball, basketball and hockey The owners compete for trophies as they try to become the first to build a dynasty. They trade players, bid for superstars and cope with injuries just like in real life. The game will challenge and develop strategy thinking

Straight Edge

1-800-READMAT (732-3628)
Hieroglyphic Encoder
Educational skills on placemat (8-12) $10
Study the language of ancient Egypt by using both sides of this innovative placemat. Child can write and create secret messages with wet erase marker. Newest of their many, unique educational placemats offered to enhance mealtime.


Sesame Street Wooden Railway
Educational toy(3-6) $49.99
This is a great product and one that Cookie Monster would love to show off. The suspension bridge , train and tracks, signs plus the child's favorite Sesame Street characters. Compatible with Brio train tracks and other playsets, child can build a whole town around the tracks. The train cars are held together with magnets. One additional point . Dr. Toy is very glad to note that part of the proceeds from this product line will help to support Children's Television Workshop, producer of "Sesame Street." Dr. Toy approved the first grant for Sesame Street years ago at the Department of Education in Washington. This is one great, long lasting program that has contributed to millions of children.

Tip: Read a train story to your child. When you watch "Sesame Street" together talk about the action on the program. Answer your child's questions about what they watch on television. Have them draw pictures of the trains or create their own play buildings from paper and cardboard . Hold them up with cardboard backing.

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