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Team Concepts

Comquest Junior and Plus
Educational skills products (5-12) $70/ $150
Electronic learning toy is a laptop computer with word processing to help the child learn computer skills plus word games, strategy and math. It can also store documents, plus it offers many more features. Each is suitable for the appropriate age range with activities that will challenge and help your child.

The Ertl Company

Coochy Coo Baby
Educational skills, doll (3-7) $19.99
This is a realistic, soft baby doll with amazing features. She can make sounds when touched, giggle when tickled, drink when fed with magic bottle . The baby is content when given her pacifier. She will delight the young mother who wants a darling baby to nurture. Complete with perfect little outfit she will win your young child's heart.

Tiger Electronics

LapTop Smarts
Electronic learning aid (6-10)$49.99
Children are fascinated by laptop computers and now they can have their own, but this one is loaded with educational value including spelling, math, reading, puzzles and much more. The activities appear on the screen and the child can indicate exactly what they want to do. Plenty of fun ,animated graphics, a data base plus the portable features.Additional cartridges are available for more vocabulary.

Tip: When obtaining any product that operates with batteries be sure to buy the recommended type of batteries and be ready to install them after your child has opened the box and is ready to use his new toy. Do not let the child install the batteries. Check batteries frequently so they are operational.Don't mix old and new batteries together.If a product is not being used for awhile remove the batteries. If you are using an adapter with any product be sure to unplug it after each use.You can test the life of the battery with the handy Duracell Copper Top Tester that is part of their package. Dispose of batteries properly.

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