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Picture building set(5-12) $12
The company long known for its distinctive, quality YoYo's has just developed a new concept for lots of fun. Brightly colored interlocking hexagonal plastic pieces snap together. This picture building set can be snapped together to form pictures and then are broken down and reassembled. Bright primary colors provide the basic set of 300 and a way to form exact pictures.


Destination:Rain Forest
CD Rom,Software(6-12) $35
Perfect product from an outstanding company that focuses on enhancing learning and building skills. Enter the Rainforest to learn about it plus a world of language skills. Important facts and discoveries. Not easy to select one among this exciting series of Destinations:Castles and Neighborhoods, plus many more high quality educational products.

Educational Activities

The Dog Ate My Homework
Children have a lot to learn and making social skills part of their training is a very helpful part of their process. This tape will provide a fun way to practice respecting others, self-respect, saying please and thank you and other good manners. A big step in the right direction!

Educational Insights

Cosmic Observer Telescope
Educational skills( 8-12)$35
This telescope offers a 60mm glass lens that allows child to learn first hand about the earth and stars and many other features. High quality for daylight and nighttime viewing. Offers an attached planet guide, star charts and a 32 page activity guide.. The telescope separates and can be placed on a photo tripod. Perfect for home or classroom.This company offers a rich assortment of great learning and activity products for all ages.

Educo International

Ring Around A Row-sy
Beads and play wires toy (2-8) $48
A lot of play time on a 10" wooden base with six wires full of colorful beads.Children enjoy themselves as they gain skills in counting, colors, spatial relationships and motor dexterity. A durable, practical product. This is a great play product and offers a lot of learning skills along with the fun of moving the beads.

Tip: Add to your child's experiences with these manual and finger dexterity skills by getting a pegboard and different color pegs. They can count, move pegs into designs and build more experiences and skills.

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