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Explora Toy

Beakman's Video Science Activity
Educational skills (8-12) $12.99
This series of science activities will assist your child in practicing and understanding basic science principles. Comes with a 22 minute video tape from the popular "Beakman's World", TV show, activity cards and all of the items needed for the experiments. The series includes electrical conductivity, refraction, microscopes and fossils.

Fanny's Playhouse

Doll's Disability Equipment
Assorted devices (3-8)$53
These devices can assist children to understand disabilities. Fits 14" doll with wheelchair, crutch, and leg brace. Helps preschoolers in learning through play by expanding awareness and sensitivity.This company offers great soft dolls and puppets in a fine line of products.

Tip: talk with your child about disabilities. Make sure they understand that they need to be aware that everyone has some disability(hearing, seeing,varied abilities,ie. we cannot all play classical piano, or hit home runs) and that when they see someone with a wheelchair, a crutch, or walking stick or dog, they should understand their need and respect how well they are handling their disability.

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