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Dr. Toy: Travel Books

Travel is a lot more fun for everyone if children are occupied with constructive activities. Taking along books, tapes, activity books are perfect. The child can use them as they need to and after a sightseeing trip or a meal break return to them easily. The child's behavior in the vehicle will greatly improve if they have fun things to do. A clipboard is helpful for them to prop up the book or activity book so they can read and fill in the blanks, play games or whatever. You can find good books for children in any bookstore. Look for the travel book section and you will find these books to make it a perfect trip.

Rand McNally
Are We There Yet? (ages 7-12 yrs.) $ 3.95,
1- 800-333-0134.

Rand McNally
Funfinder-25 Great Travel Games (ages 7-12 yrs.) $4.95,
1- 800-333-0134.

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