1. ABC Feelings 


3-10  ($19.95)  800-745-3170

Activity Flash Cards 

Taking trips allows children to think about many things, including feelings. With these new products, your child can play game, write postcards, use a floor puzzle or flash cards to focus on feelings, self- expression and communication. Many values are also integrated into the other products in the series, bingo game,$6.95, 30-piece floor puzzle, $13.00, and set of 12 postcards, $5.95. Terrific for your child's summer activities to help them get along better with sibs and friends. Under-standing feelings and taking responsibility for them, especially on a long car trip, will help to create a more pleasant environment for everybody.


2. Accord Publishing 

5-12  ($15.95)  888-333-1676

Eyeball Animation Drawing Pad 

Here's looking at you. This set provides a drawing pad, handbook, and box of 12 pencils that fold into a built in easel perfect to take along on a trip or to play with at any time. Easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations are included. Helps your child develop creative skills and will maintain interest for many hours. 


3.  Alex 


7-10  ($8.00)  800-666-2539

Felt Mosaics - Quilt 

Another great product from a long line of excellent craft products. Your child can create mosaic pictures with felt. There are easy to handle precut felt pieces in the package with self-adhesive picture. Match the colors to the numbers on the picture. There is no glue or cutting necessary. There are three pictures included, 7" x 8". There are hundreds of precut felt pieces. The number guide includes colors from 1 to 8. Your child will enjoy matching designs and learning how to create combinations of colors and shapes. This has been done for many thousands of years in tile and stone. A perfect product to take along on a trip.


4. Ampersand Press 

8-12  ($26.95)  800-624-4263

The Garden Game 

A delightful game to teach children about the value of gardening for food and for fun. This is a garden where if you save the seeds you win. There is information about common fruits and vegetables and insects, such as butterflies, honeybees, and worms. Action involves learning about compost, rainfall and local needs. Perfect for children who find playing in and out of the garden a lot of fun. Beautifully illustrated this is a great game for the whole family to play together and for teachers. There are a hundred garden cards, spinner, 121 gardener's almanac cards and playing pieces. Promotes environmental interaction, gardening information and everyone wins.



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