43. George F. Cram 


3-12  ($8)  800-227-4199

Geography George Adventure 

In the Geography George series eight programs are offered at three different levels, from preschool, grades 3-5 and 5-12. Stories and materials are based on themes. Makes geography easily understood. Each package includes hands-on activities such as the helicopter, first day of school, tour of the world, United States, world adventure, new home adventure and visits to the neighborhood. A great way for your children to learn.

44. George F. Cram 



3-12  ($29.99)  800-227-4199

Geography George Funpak 

George F. Cram Company offers maps and globes of all kinds. This 9-inch globe encourages a child to learn about geography and the world. It includes also a reusable place map and two action adventures, all within the collection. This is great preparation for any child going on a trip to learn more about the world at home or school.


45. Hands On Toys 

3-5  ($15.99)  888-442-6376

Flash Football 

Great way to get your kids outdoors and playing with this light-up football. It's bright, easy to catch, and when you shake the ball, the lights flash. The batteries last for a long time. A terrific way to get your kids physically busy this summer. Good for coordination.


46. Hands On Toys


3-5  ($15.99)  888-442-6376


This product helps to get kids moving out of doors. A large, round ball that is easy to catch and when you hold it, or grab it, it lights up. It's made from recycled foam in colors of white, blue and black. Safe and easy to balance this new ball will be fun to play with..


47. Hands On Toys 


1-12 moa  ($9.99)  888-442-6376


Tubular characters are covered with washable, colorful fabric. The Wrapsters are fun to play with and to tie around when traveling and they will keep little fingers busy. They provide eye-hand coordination as they pose in any shape and will stay put. They have their own names, Snorkle, Gnirp, Scrumley, and Zim. A fun item to collect and provide easy travel or anytime toy.



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