52. Imagination Project 

3-12  ($19.95)  888-477-6532

Soft Puzzle Lizards 

The art of famous artist Escher is now available through the M.C. Escher SoftPuzzle. Join in the 100 year celebration of the artist and appreciate the complexity of his artwork. Now with this puzzle the child can take apart, rearrange, interact and bring the original art back together again. Puzzles like this are fun and they encourage children to develop coordination, and are challenged to fit more complex shapes. . By manipulating these 15 identical pieces the children will have fun interlocking, building patterns and structures. This is a unique, new product based on the lizard tessellations and will provide child and adult an enjoyable project to do together while learning geometry, math art and science. Three vibrant colors are used. The puzzle, made of non-toxic soft foam material,can also be used as a play mat.


53. InPhase 

4-10  ($14.95)  800-443-4727

Sinbad the Sailor 

Sinbad the Sailor: Token from a Voyage is a collection of original stories with colorful characters, music and sound effects. Children will enjoy learning through these stories based on folklore. Great entertainment and learning at the same time. Problem-solving adventures continue throughout the hour long CD. A new product , A Taste for Adventure, will be available in the near future. A great value. 


54. Inspiration Software 


9-12  ($69.00)  800-877-4292

Inspiration Education Edition 

This new innovative software is just what the teacher and parent has been looking for. It will help children to organize thinking. It provides maps and ways of organizing thinking to help children focus on their ideas, help them to create better writing and to apply their ideas to a variety of subject areas. It shows them how to relate what they know to new information. It helps them to understand brainstorming and free associating ideas. As they type an idea, it's captured, and then diagrammed so they can see connections between ideas that stimulate more ideas. Why wasn't this available to us while we were going to school? Children learn how to use information and organize it in many different ways. An excellent device for children to use during the summer to prepare them for more creative writing. They learn how to map concepts and this skill can be used in the classroom and home.

55. K'NEX 


5-8  ($19.99)  800-543-5639

Secret of the Wampus 

A terrific series of hands-on construction activities with rods, connectors and pulleys. Let your child develop critters. The storybook introduces the Wampus. The child learns about the critter and how it changes. The storybook is colorful and easy to follow. The directions for building are included. Your child will go out into nature by discovering how to build a cricket, a butterfly, a wasp, beetle and many other insects and animals. The travel set can be taken along wherever they go in hand travel case.



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