56. KikaFlik 

3-8  ($24.95)  908-494-4488


What children need during the summer and after school is physical activity. This product from Scotland encourages coordination, ball skills and social skills. Endless possibilities for balance and improvement of physical movement. Plus the child learns to catch a ball, develop tracking and perceptual motor skills. As they gain skill they can roll the ball down the ramp to step and catch. The child plays alone or with a friend. As child stands at the high end of the board the ball is placed at the top of the slot. As it rolls down, stomp on the high end of the board at the right time, sending the ball into the air where it is caught, kicked, batted or hit with a racket. Complete with three foam balls and a sturdy wooden board.


57. LEGO Systems 





FreeStyle Carry Case 

LEGO is always enjoyed by children. The FreeStyle Sets allow children to build to their hearts content. They are open-ended by providing the widest possible opportunity for the child to use creativity. Included with the bricks are special pieces, arches, round pieces, wheels, windows and doors, plus a few surprises. There are 400 pieces in all. The carry case makes it possible for the child to take along their favorite LEGO pieces to build on route or at their destination. A great value and big favorite. Children's dexterity is improved with LEGO plus they have a great time building new structures.


58. Leap Frog 





Create-A-Word Traveler 

Another winner in a line of learning materials. Perfect for travel, compact, and easy to move with handle. A help button along with an audible reward function is built in. There are six teach and quiz functions using touch, sight and sound. Teaches alphabet, letter sounds and over 60 pre-programmed 3-letter words. The child is encouraged to make their own words for up to 450 words. Four AA-batteries are included.


59. Leap Frog 


3-5  ($39.99)  800-701-5327

National Geographics Really Wild Animals 

Another great travel item gives child animal recognition and animal facts with animal sounds. It teaches continents, countries, oceans and facts with 75 animals, birds and reptile cards, plus 15 country cards, which provide greetings in native language National Geographic artwork on the cards and information makes for high quality. The basic unit contains 25 mammal cards and 5 country cards. Additional sets sold separately. 


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