69. Manhattan Toy 


3-5  ($4)  800-747-2454

Finder Fillies 

Finger puppets will delight your kids while they are on travel or at home. Colors are beige, brown and black. Cotton velour with loops that make it easy for the puppet to fit snuggly. They are 3-inches tall. A perfect little gift for your little one. They can make puppet shows and encourage communication and creativity.


70. Manhattan Toy 





Four funny bird puppets with their own hat and hair style. They are made of cotton velour in very bright colors. These are characters that offer play and communication. They are 9-inches tall. Encourage your child to develop their own creative puppet shows..

71. Manhattan Toy 


3-5  ($15.00)  800-747-2454

Roos in Twos 

Bright kangaroo mothers with their own baby joey will make a fun way to learn more about Australia. The pouch holds the baby that can be fully removed. Mother is 8-inches tall and babies are 3-inches tall. Soft, cuddly and perfect for traveling play.

72. Manhattan Toy 

2-5  ($30.00)  800-747-2454


Fun for travel and to use as a pillow. A soft velour stuffed toss toy to take along for slumber party. They have a pocket on the bottom with a Velcro tab to carry small items. Shapes are star, sun turtle, spot and bug. The legs and head of the turtle and of the bugs fit inside the body. They are 18-inches across. Colorful and fun to play with.



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