77. Ohio Art 

4-8  ($10.99)  800-641-6226

Glitter Twirl O Paint 

A perfect opportunity for creative fun during vacation or anytime with a child-sized machine that twirls paint to allow the child to design their own art impressions. The off and on switch can be handled easily by a child over the age of four. Drip a small amount of paint then as the center turns, the paint spreads to create interesting designs. You don't know how it' s going to turn out until it's completed. Don't forget to hang some of the art on display. An instruction book is included plus three bottles of non-toxic washable glitter paint and 25 blank cards. New paints can be added. Requires one D-battery.


78. Panasonic Interactive Media 





Alphabet and Reading Adventure 

First for the young child to learn the alphabet through stories, music and animation. It introduces the alphabet and skills of learning reading skills through songs and stories. There are animations for each letter. There are easy-to-follow games to help the child learn to read and to enjoy it. 

Reading a story is easier in Reading Adventure with Kenny Kite for 6-, 7- and 8-year olds. This leads to more words and songs, a juke box that provides new music and plenty of support for parents and teachers to help their young reader.


79. Panasonic Interactive 





Phonics Adventure 

Phonic adventures with Sing Along Sam is for ages 4, 5 and 6 helps the child learn basic reading skills, as they play games. This is a terrific way for the child to learn. Each lesson is built upon the other and integrated. There are 15 original songs.

80. Panasonic Interactive 





Super Radio Addition & Multiplication Tour 

Super Radio Addition helps younger child easily learn math skills. Radio Addition is fun and easy to follow. Multiplication Tour builds skills for 7-, 8- and 9-year olds by including games and a concert tour that provides plenty of learning as well as travel. Child combines learning with the geography and culture as they travel to 11 countries


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