89. Real Music for Kidz 

2-7  ($14.95)  800-557-3262

Dana's Best Travelin' Tunes! 

Dana sings in a delightful way with great style and warmth. She creates quality music with terrific songs that are fun and get kids moving. The kind of music that brightens a child's day while traveling, or when they want fun entertainment. Songs tie in with travel and visiting different parts of the country. Traveling tunes include "You Are My Sunshine,A Happy Wanderer," and other terrific songs that make travel easy on children as well as adults. She has tapes "Sing and Play," "Gather Your Dreams" and others. 


90. Ringling Multimedia 


3-8 ($19.95)  800-762-6443

Let's Pretend 

To continue an excellent series on CD ROMs, this Mind Magic Production, The Past is Our Playground, takes children back into the land of dinosaurs, a medieval fair, and ancient temples of early civilization. There are scenes of Italian renaissance, evolutionary America, and the twenties. Each era becomes part of a fantasy world with animations, facts, and vocabulary. There is a picture dictionary activity book that goes with each CD ROM. The series are available in different languages as well. This exciting new product provides children with understanding of history, vocabulary and art. Available in Windows and Mac versions. A terrific way for your children to learn during the summer and be better prepared for school.


91. Ritvik Toys 


1-4  ($24.99)  800-465-6342

MegaBloks Wagon 

The wagon contains 75 maxi blocks that can be used indoors and outdoors. Blocks are sturdy and colorful. The wagon is great to for the child to fill up with whatever your desired and move around with dolls, toys and other playthings. It's a great value at a terrific price.


92. Ritvik Toys 


18 mos-5yr  ($39.99)  800-465-6342

Megaville-Build N Playtown 

Child can build to heart's content and move blocks wherever wanted in your backyard or play area. Included in this Build and Play Town are parts for the school, restaurant, garage and a whole lot more. Make adventure play right in your own backyard. Large, colorful, easy to use pieces are easily washable.


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