116. Today's Kids 



TKV 4x4 

This vehicle is delightfully bright, cheery and rugged. A popular 4x4, open on the top, and easy to move by kidpower. It will help your child be physical and strong. The doors and tailgate easily open for a great place to put small items. There's a wide seat for a second child and a rollbar with headlamps. The horn works, keys click, and there is a trailer hitch in the back. It is sturdy and durable. A great product for your child's outdoor activity anytime.


117. Toothaccount 






Tufro and the Tooth Fairy help to combine saving teeth and saving money. Information on caring for teeth is provided in this unique set of products. Helps families set up a savings and investments for their children. There are envelopes for saving the teeth. Spreads awareness of care of the teeth and natural process of teeth growth. Software, a guidebook, help parents learn the whole process. The booklet explains about investments, how to make money, how to take care of the teeth at different ages and what to do in case of tooth injury. There is a tooth box to hold the teeth at each stage. One way to save money towards college.


118. TopLine Toys 






This is a great product to take along with easy to carry handle and case and lots of colors and activities. Six different BioColors in squeeze bottles, a scraper, a paint brush and all you need to make over 12 projects. Directions are easy to follow to paint, face paint, crayons, stamp, putty, stickers and other art as well, including spin art. Non-toxic, safe, easy to clean, this set is fun all year.


119. Toymax 





Metal Molder 

An amazing process for older children to play with. This set actually makes real metal replicas in a very short time. It's the only system like it. There are refills available. You can make are cars, spaceships and figures. All of the ingredients metal pellets, 2-sided molds, and directions are included. For the older child, this can be a great learning experience plus start them on a whole new hobby.


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