120. Toys for Special Children 


3 mo-10 yr 

Compact Activity Center 

This Compact Activity Center is a small-scale busy box. It provides sensory stimulation and learning for the infant or child who has physical limitations. You can mount it sideways in a crib or as a lap board. When you pull the wooden ball, music plays. Touch the texture plate and it vibrates while the light shines. Push a button and find sparkling sequins swirling. Multi-colors reflect in the mirror. It is very sensitive so even the slightest touch will produce results. This unique company has been creating products for special needs children for many years. The free catalog describes many other excellent products by Dr. Steven Kanor, a rehabilitation engineer, has led the field in developing adaptive toys.


121. Twin Sisters Productions 



I'd Like to Be A Paleontologist 

Another great product from a terrific line of products to use music to help learning. Each product comes with an audio cassette, 24-page lyric book and activity book. The series, "I'd Like To Be A..." focuses on careers and this title on a paleontologist. With great interest in dinosaurs your child will learn to sing about them and understand more about the field of paleontology. Another great aspect is your child will meet a real paleontologist who actually goes on dinosaur digs. Perfect product to use before and after a trip to a science museum. Don't forget to ask about other science fields, including biology, astronomy, entomology, physics, zoology and chemistry. With these delightful songs and fun activities your child will appreciate science.


122. U.S. Game 



Famous Women of Civil War 

A set of 52 educational playing cards are packaged in a box as a game that can be used to learn about American history. Older girls in particular can learn about women who made a difference during the Civil War. This is a series of cards that are easy to take along and will provide lots of good information for any student.


123. Umix 

0-12 mos 

Shake It Up System 

Designed by an aerospace engineer, this new baby bottle provides easy, and safe way to travel. It protects your baby from any spoilage that can occur after the formula is mixed. Pre-measured and easy-to-store it can be mixed quickly when it's baby's feeding time. A two-chambered baby bottle. This is easy to use and it is a very great convenience for traveling or any time. A unique, 2-chambered bottle design has the satisfaction of many parents.


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