124. Uncle Milton Industries 



Alien Orbiter 

Air-powered toy gyroscope with unique features. Blow into one of the three holes and you hear it whirl as it powers up. Then it floats on your finger or on a hard surface. It will balance in any position while it is still spinning. Available in three colors, green, purple and silver, made of durable plastic it is completely washable. This is a fun product that could be taken along or played with indoors or outdoors.

125. Uncle Milton Industries 



Light-Up Critter City 

An innovative product. Three separate domed environments: the city, the mountain, and bug-burbs. There are tunnels and bridges making it possible for the critters to move back and forth. The set comes with working street lights, three built-in magnifiers, two magnifying glasses, and safety tweezers. The child can collect critters and/or order them by mail. There are instructions for taking care of them, feeding them and knowing how to let them go free. Child will learn about insects close up.


126. Uncle Milton Industries 



Magnetic USA Map Puzzle 

This is an excellent puzzle. Plastic pieces fit together to make a colorful map. It's important for children to learn geography and the state names are included. The pieces are easy to lift. Map shows geography, capitols, landmarks. It is easy to travel with and on a trip it's a great way to find out more about where they are going


127. University Games 



Game of Knowledge 

Another great travel game by an excellent game company. This is the edition of the game you and your children can play together, whether traveling or at your destination. One set of four hundred new questions is for 10-15 year olds. Play is adaptable at different levels. The storage case is bright, easy to use, and flips up to hold the cards in place. There is a scoring pen inside the case. Directions are included. Definitely a game to help your child enjoy travel and learning at the same time.


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