128.. Village Children's Production 

6-24 mos 

Brown Angels 

A unique video of African American children to give them and others an opportunity to recognize that all children laugh, respond, have fun, and are engaging. Children, especially when they are able to see themselves develop better attitudes, self esteem and have a more positive outlook. This is a commendable project and one that will delight children of all ages. It's a 30-minute tape and it is definitely fun. Along with the engaging children is a terrific sound track with jazz renditions of traditional lullabies performed by New Orleans jazz musicians.


129. W.J. Fantasy 




Endangered Wildlife Blocks 

A compact collection of building blocks to help your young child learn about wild animals, identify them by name, become familiar with rhymes and counting skills. This product created for the National Wildlife Foundation helps the young child learn about the world of animals. The ten blocks can be stacked up to three feet high. Each block focuses on one animal, their habitat, features and a poem. They are nested and fit inside a carrying box. A great collection to play with before and after going to the zoo.

130. Westpier 


3 mos-7 yr 


This is an enjoyable video that has moving video protraits from children playing with other children, 84 children in all from 3 months to 5 years are included. They learn about facial expressions in other children, laughing, smiling, gazing. It's great learning about feelings and is enjoyable for children to watch.


131. Wild Goose 



Slime Chemistry 

Science is easy to learn with the great science kits from this company. Slime teaches how to use putty, foam, laundry starch and other items. Plenty of ingredients inside, includes chemicals that are safe to use with directions for older child. A great project to do together. Recommendations and safety aspects are detailed. Children learn basic processes of safety in a laboratory. Excellent for home and school. Provide your child with a headstart this summer. Science training for teachers available.



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