17. Cloud 9 Interactive 


6-12  ($34.95)  888-662-5683

Marvel Creativity  

In this CD ROM a child can learn to draw their favorite Marvel character or create their own super hero. You can actually create your own comic book. After creating the characters publish what has been created. You can also print illustrated cards, banners and posters. Your child can learn to create and develop artistic skills.


18. Computer Curriculum


10-13  (Free)  800-227-8224

In Vox (cccnet) 

Your children can have fun for free this summer by giving their opinions, writing and expressing their views with a unique network with Nickelodeon. This is a software program that allows the child to voice their opinions, complete quizzes, play games, send messages, communicate and do research. A great way to introduce the worldwide web to your children. It's a way for kids to connect and put their opinions where it matters. It's a educational tool for teachers and the classroom as well. Use your browser to go on to http//www.ccnet.com/travel/invox/. Your child will be absolutely involved and will learn and be excited about the great value of the Internet.


19. Corolle Dolls 


3-5  ($50.00)  800-628-3655

Mini Calin in Suitcase 

A delightful doll ready to travel in her own child-size basket. She has everything ready to go. She is 8 inches long with a soft body,delicate head and limbs and perfectly dressed. She's machine washable. She's easy to carry along with a additional accessory carrier as the child may want to carry the baby over the shoulder and carry the straw suitcase filled with favorite things for the young mother to travel with. This is a baby doll that will please your child and is another beautiful product made in France.


20. Curious Kids 

6-12  ($19.95)  800-585-2386

Dinosaur Kit 

The dinosaur lover will totally enjoy this kit with an authentic replica of a Parasaurolophus or Tyrannosaurus Rex This is hand-painted model plus a put-together wooden puzzle that doesn't require glue or special tool, a well illustrated zoo book that includes art and activities, a species adoption certificate and a full-color photograph of the specific project. Other discovery kits include sealife, reptiles, endangered animals, insects and spiders. These activity sets are sure to please and teach science.




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