21. DaMert 

6-12  ($4.00)  800-231-3722

Tricky Triangles 

These puzzles are compact and easy to use with or without table. There are nine different triangles that fit together to form a 12-inch triangle. Matching the creatures is tricky and makes puzzles challenging. There are many different ways to do it, but only two correct ways to resolve each triangle. Choose from dolphins, sharks, salamanders, sealife, dinos or ickies. This product is part of excellent line of activity products.


22. Discovery Toys 


8-12  ($14.98)  800-426-4777

Garden Crafts 

Garden Crafts will delight your child as they can create and grow flowers and make them from foam texture. Bouquet can be made to match creative expression. Pieces easily pop together and can be used over again. It's a terrific item to travel with as it is light and easy to enjoy. The colorful pieces should be put together in a storage bag to make it easy to find them and use again.


23. Discovery Toys 




Magnet Match 

A great game with a easel that can fold down. Magnetic board measures 10x82 . It is easy to play with when you are traveling. Make designs as the paper is held tightly to the easel. This is a fun product to provide your children with many hours of fun while on a trip.

24. Discovery Toys 





Pop & Catch 

Have fun with your child outdoors. Encourage them to be physical with easy-to-play-with holders. They grip and catch the ball in a basket. Theyre great to take along to the beach or on a trip to keep your children active and physically fit. They develop their balance and coordination. A surefire way to have fun.



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