Orchard Hill Productions

Orchard Hill Productions produces high-quality educational children's videos. Our first production, "Word Clue Adventure", is a live-action videotape that entertains emerging readers ages 5 - 8 while teaching them English language concepts. Set in the public library, "Word Clue Adventure" takes viewers on an unforgettable trip as they follow ten-year-old David and his friend Ashley.

An innocent bike ride turns into a strange adventure when David discovers a mysterious map, and the duo naturally turns to the library for answers.It's there they meet Biblio Tech, their bubbly musical guide who introduces syllables, vowels, letter combinations, phonics patterns and a few spelling tips as the kids follow the clues on the map. The chase has them swirling into computers, dancing with African drummer Obo Addy in a recycling bin and chatting across the pages of a dictionary.

The colorful graphics, special effects and original songs make this episode a high quality learning opportunity that children love to watch over and over. A companion activity book "Finding Clues for Words" contains 32 pages of hands-on exercises. The child uses pencils, pens, crayons and scissors in activities that reinforce the core language concepts conveyed in the tape.

Visit Orchard Hill Productions' web site to learn more about our products & company, sample sound clips & graphics from our video, and read reprints of reviews, awards & endorsements received, lists of distributors & retailers. Also find out about ordering information for consumers, libraries and schools, including consumer on line ordering with secure credit card transactions.

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