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Career Dolls

Build & Imagine, LLC -

$14.99     Buy Now

Age range   4 years thru 8 years      

Toy Type   CP Creative Product   DA Creative Product   SA STEM / STEAM   SR Socially Responsible  

These new and innovative Career Doll features 12 different careers to encourage children to expand their career-interest horizons. Careers featured are: space explorer, police detective, the president, rock star, video game designer, doctor, chemist, builder, fire fighter, chef, chemist, and professional soccer player. Imagine the possibilities. It includes 75 colorfully illustrated magnetic clothes and props that attach to two wooden dolls. Features a reusable carrying case for easy storage and travel, and two standing magnetic scenes (a town and the moon) to enhance the imaginative play possibilities. Each wooden doll is 3.5" tall and features a plastic base so it can stand on its own. Created by Laurie Peterson, Rising Star Toy Inventor of the Year and Founder of Build & Imagine toys.

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