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Finger Puppets
Puppets (2-5)
This high quality product line offers some of the best plush creatures.These finger puppets are perfect for little fingers. Select from the bee, butterfly, chick, ladybug, rabbit, spider, turtle and even a worm in an apple. Children will delight in making up stories and dialogue to match these little creatures that will be actively played with.

Frank Schaffer Publications

My First Skills
Educational skills(3-7) $14.95
Great value with 4 fun filled learning experiences in one box including colors, shapes, alphabet and numbers. Each puzzle has 12 easy to hold pieces along with suggested activities and some useful books to enrich your child's experiences. This company has puzzles that are enjoyed at home and in schools.

Tip: Enjoy a variety of activities such as singing the alphabet, counting games, finding objects with the same color and finding the same objects and shapes in your house. Reinforce child's learning with games and other fun ways to make learning a natural part of their everyday experiences.

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