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Optimum Resources

Adventures in Fairyland
CD ROM (4-8) $14.99
A delightful story, coloring and puzzle program based on favorite fairy tales. This product offers creativity and thinking as it provides many levels of play. High quality with excellent production. A great value.


Hyper Peppy
Educational skills (10-12) $29.95
An electronic kit that is easy to assemble by your young hobbyist or scientist. Contents become a super intelligent robot with touch and sound sensor. It changes direction when in contact or there is a loud noise. Clear directions, printed circuit board. A sure fire winner for a new adventure for parent and older child to do together.

Pastime Industries

516- 588-8700
Country Bouquet
Creative product (8-12) $14.99
Excellent choice to help child gain the skills of a hobby or craft and learn to make objects with their own hands. This set is complete with full illustrations and contains everything a young person needs to create a bouquet of flowers and a vase. The results will please the young florist and beautify a room.

Pearce-Evetts Productions

Fingerplays and Action Chants:Animals
Audio tape and book (2-6 ) $14.95.
Many games and 13 songs sung by talented teacher for children and adults to share, enjoy and learn together. Good illustrations in a 64 page booklet that provides words and simple directions. Expand creativity and language development. Reusable packaging.


Fun with Electronics
CD Rom. Software (8-12) $44.99
New item from Philips Media Home and Family Entertainment. This is a product teaches the child the basic principles of electricity. The toolbox is filled with special components to instruct the child to complete 25 projects of varied skills on and off screen. This is an exciting product featuring a computer that shows how for example the battery, transistor, etc. function. Learning the basics helps the child to understand and appreciate the importance of electricity in their lives.


Baby So Beautiful
Doll(3-8) $19.99
A really beautiful collection of baby dolls with accessories. This collection designed by J. Shackelford, provides hours of playtime with hair and comb, posable body, baby book with baby care ideas, and little locket for the little mother to wear. These dolls are very well detailed and make for a great buy.


1-800-PLAYSKL (752-9755)
All in One Fun Learning Center
Educational skills product (2-6) $70
This set combines many great features including converting the easel into a desk, playtop that can be an alphabet pegboard or a drawing board. Plus it contains an electronic learning aid that contains different skills that helps teach letters, spelling,shapes and drawing.This is a great new product in the Learning Steps line.

Radio Flyer

Push-Pull Wagon
Activity toy (1-7) $60.
The perfectly designed new red wagon for preschoolers with versatile features. Long handle, simple to change latch, storage and seating for little ones to enjoy. Wheels are quiet for comfortable riding. Now preschoolers can have a great wagon just like their older sibs.

Rock N Learn

Book and audio cassette (2-5) $9.95
Over 60 animals from housepets, farms, forest and zoos are combined into a book and tape set that offers experiences of sounds, habitats and traits. Varied songs, games and activities are included for learning fun.

Tip: Take a trip to local pet store, zoo (some places have children's animal petting areas) and other places where your child can have a direct experience of animals and learn more about them. Listen to the tape and read the book before the trip.

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